In one word, Geek, and if that wasn’t obvious from just seeing the site then let me explain, my passion for all things geek related is huge, its just what I love. Because I love this culture, and the industry that comes along with it of course not only am I a part of it, but I want to experience/share in it as much as possible. How do I do this? Writing about all of it of course! What’s better than slamming together two of your favorite things, writing/video games?!  This is a fairly new blog that welcomes all who share this passion or want to see what its all about, more than that though this is a place all things pertaining to geek culture will be discussed and looked at through a critical lens. I am not saying I’m going to pick apart everything I encounter just to see the flaws, anyone can be negative on the internet and that just not what I’m about, I want to peel back the layers actually having a discussion about what is being looked at and what can be taken away from it.  For now this site will focus mostly on video games (if you can’t tell already), but of course more geeky things are to come (avid comic book reader and tabletop gamer right here).

Thanks for stopping by hope you enjoy the work, and maybe will have that discussion I talked about!