Overwatch the Game That Keeps on Giving

Overwatch the Game That Keeps on Giving

After having played Overwatch over the course of a few days now, all I can say is—I’m in love with multiplayer shooters all over again. I haven’t been this invested in an FPS in sense Battlefield 3, and the fact that it comes from Blizzard Entertainment is even more amazing. I definitely fell off the Blizz train back when WoW (World of Warcraft) Cataclysm launched. For Blizzard to make such a fantastic new IP has come as little surprise to me, Blizzard has always made great games, and Overwatch is no exception. Overwatch is a game I came into knowing little about, and now, I find myself hooked (Like Roadhog pulling me in for a big ol’ hug with his chain hook, only to shotgun me in the face).

Everything about this game oozes care and love. Blizzard has always put these two things in all of their games, but Overwatch is something special. From the unique cast of characters, to the level design, the whole thing is immensely detailed, yet remains simple. Every round I play I notice something knew that fits into the narrative presented, whether it’s a character commenting on the arena, or even two characters just talking to one another before the match begins. Now it might be a thin narrative at the moment, but it’s still there. Unfortunately, if you want the full Overwatch story you can find it in comic form. Which isn’t a bad thing, I’m a comic book geek, but come on didn’t we learn this lesson from Destiny!


I had actually been watching both Battleborn (Another new IP from Gearbox Software) and Overwatch, and I thought I was going to get Battleborn, but no—I made sure to let both games rollout and see which one I was more attracted to. What sold me on Overwatch though, was reading a story about a boy getting his first sniper shot ever, and it was all thanks to the care Blizzard put into their game. I immediately turned my attention to Overwatch and just what it was.

If you can make a game where someone with a debilitating disorder is able to achieve something that was unachivable before—I applaud you.

There is more to it than that though, while Overwatch is considered an FPS and Battleborn a MOBA, they still are comparatively similar. They both feature a wide cast of characters, kooky art design (Battleborn being cell shaded) and have arena based combat. Even after rolling out within a month of one another, and Overwatch coming in late to the game, Overwatch is still overshadowing (No pun intended) Battleborn. Why is this? Simply put, Overwatch is easier to digest and feel good about playing. Even the box art has been considered in this argument.


The controls are simple, it’s a tight shooter, (Not in the way some would imagine it) and it stays true to itself. The most mind-blowing thing is that at an end of a match, instead of your standard spread sheet of K/D ratio, you are presented with “the play of the game”, which doesn’t even have to be the MVP, it’s just whoever did the most bad-ass thing. Then it presents two to four players to everyone, showing the cool thing they did, and everyone is allowed to up vote who they thought did the best, giving whoever some extra feel goods (It might be just an ego boost but it still feels good). In a nutshell—this is the most freaking positive game I’ve played in a while. It wants its player base to have fun, and support each other. Sure it’s a competitive game, with the simple capture point A/B or protect said payload (Name of the actual game mode is Payload) game modes, but it has shown itself to be so much more.

Overwatch Dva

Overwatch took the simple idea of TF2 (Team Fortress 2) a wildly popular game from Valve, with a cult following which is still going strong, and made it their own. As a fan of TF2 I can only say, “Give me more”! I look forward to anything and everything this game has to offer. I’m sure in the coming months we will be seeing; tweaks to balance characters, new characters coming into the fray, game modes, and so much more, (although let’s be honest, you my #1 D. Va) really wanted to put a heart in that. So go play Overwatch, and have a blast! The world needs order and you—as a member of Overwatch have what it takes!